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WOHLGEMUTH LEGAL LLC assumes no responsibility nor liability, and gives no guarantees, for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided on this Website or for whether same is up to date. In addition, all liability is excluded for the content, availability, and legality of websites linked to this Website. The same applies to damages that may be incurred through the content of linked-to websites.


The downloading and receipt of information from this website do not result in the creation of any contractual relationship, particularly not an attorney-client relationship between the recipient and WOHLGEMUTH LEGAL LLC.


Please note that e-mail communication is neither safe nor confidential and may be subject to technical or operational interferences. Any e‑mail communication is not secure and WOHLGEMUTH LEGAL LLC rejects any liability for the breach of the attorney-client privilege, if attributable to the communication via e‑mail. 

Links to websites of third parties are purely for service purposes. We cannot influence their accuracy, content, and/or alignment with local legal regulations. Any liability and responsibility of WOHLGEMUTH LEGAL LLC is excluded.

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